Introduction ****

Long established Web 2.0 standards face numerous problems – no fair distribution of funds between advertisers and publishers, lack of financial rewards for providing personal data, and, most of all, weak interaction between brands and customers.

The advertising market is divided between a handful of global companies whose motives and interests run contrary to our own. When it comes to using these companies’ services, we’re forced to play along with the rules and terms they dictate. In doing so, we’re unknowingly giving away control over our personal data.

Meta Ads sees Web 3.0 as an ultimate playground where we can redefine the old Web 2.0 standards and create new common standards.


Meta Ads is an advertising platform that aggregates the open Metaverse and real world interfaces, allowing them to interact with other systems and products without any access or implementation restrictions.

Our software allows to manage ad space remotely whether indoors or outdoors, as well as analyze ad campaigns performance with marketing analytics and audience measurement tools.


Why Meta Ads?

Metaverse - the main product of the decentralized Web 3.0 space – is no less than the future of the Internet that is meant to change the perception of digital marketing forever. However, the Metaverse advertising is far from perfect at the present stage, and there is no understanding of how virtual advertising should be regulated.

Meta Ads mission is to create, together with the Metaverse users and creators, a new Web 3.0 Digital Signage Advertising standard for equitable distribution of economic benefits among the Metaverse users and for effective management and monetization of the digital inventory and ad space in the Metaverse.

We believe that the Internet future is one decentralized Metaverse. While there is no technological realization of that, best economical practices are being tested across existing decentralized worlds: Play to Earn, Learn to Earn, Create to Learn, Code to Learn and others. In these economies, private and commercial rights to own, sell, rent NFT-based digital property will be respected. This will ensure equitable distribution of income among the Metaverse creators, developers and users. The best business models developed upon such an economy will go mainstream and will be applied in the future single decentralized Metaverse – the future of the Internet.

Meta Ads’ role in all this is to bring Metaverses to the verge of digital evolution by creating open-source software and looking for effective web 3.0 business models together with the Metaverse creators and users.

Standards & Interoperability

Meta Ads changes the Metaverse advertising by creating a new Web 3.0 digital signage advertising standard for effective management and monetization of the digital inventory and ad space in the Metaverse.